Emotional Wellness Assessment

Understanding one’s health and wellness goes far beyond looking at a number on the scale and running a few blood tests. While that information is incredibly important, it is only part of the puzzle that makes up the complex nature of being a human. Cognitive testing as a measure of cognitive health is a critical component of overall well-being, but it is often something that isn’t addressed until our older years when signs of memory loss and impaired cognition start to set in.

The Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Center (PLMC) is on a mission to do things differently from most other healthcare practitioners. Our providers understand that “health” is so much more than the absence of disease. Instead it is a measure of function across all facets of life, including cognition and emotional fitness.

To determine the cause of a patient’s issues and get to the root of why they may be experiencing certain symptoms, the PLMC takes a holistic, total mind-and-body approach. This includes cognitive testing to analyze the emotional wellness of an individual and see how one’s mental state may be impacting their overall performance in life.


Why Emotional Wellness Testing Matters

In healthcare, we check in on various parts of the physical body: weight and heart health, metabolic health, physical fitness and performance, immune health, gut health, hormone health…the list goes on. Conductive cognitive testing as a measure of emotional wellness should be seen as one of these essential factors. Numerous studies and plenty of evidence points to the fact that chemical imbalances in the brain not only impact emotional well-being, but can also have a direct effect on what many consider traditional health problems. Symptoms of depression can quickly turn into isolation, which can lead to lack of mobility, muscle loss, poor nutrition, and more. Determining where patients are on their emotional wellness journey and establishing a baseline is the first step towards helping them take control of their health.


How Does Emotional Wellness Testing at the PLMC Work?

The programs we offer at the PLMC are holistic and functional. Treatment consists of one-on-one appointments with a designated provider, group visits (when appropriate), multimedia learning tracks, and lifestyle education. Our healthcare providers are educated in both functional and traditional medicine. We conduct cognitive testing in the form of specific intake forms and health questionnaires to gain a comprehensive understanding of who you are beyond your physical body.

Some of the assessments that we perform to analyze and measure cognitive function, and by extension emotional wellness, include questionnaires from the NIH Toolbox, the Cambridge Brain Sciences Cognitive Testing Center, and Functional EEGs. Together, this information helps us evaluate:

  • Learning & comprehension
  • Memory
  • Problem solving
  • Thought processing

Functional Assessments

Comprehensive review of a current snapshot of your health. Biometric screening, on-site blood testing, cognitive testing and more. Follow up programs guide you towards a better you.

Biometric Screening

Biometric Screening


On-Site Blood Testing


Emotional Wellness Testing

The PLMC Approach to Emotional Wellness Testing

The cognitive tests we run help us tap into your emotional wellness, but they don’t paint the whole picture. As a part of analyzing one’s overall health, we also perform on-site blood testing , physical fitness tests, nutritional exams, personal and family history reviews, full body composition analyses, and motor function tests. We use this information to establish a baseline off of which we can work to help you feel your best.

If you’re looking to see change and improvement in the function of your life, the first thing to do is acquire the necessary information. The PLMC can help.