Changing the Way We Define and Measure Health

“Health” is traditionally defined as the absence of disease. We believe it is much more. Our approach focuses on wellness as an approach to health and we believe that health can be measured and improved through our personalized lifestyle approach to healthcare.

Our Services

Total Wellness

Total Wellness

Comprehensive review of a current snapshot of your health. Biometric screening, on-site blood testing, cognitive testing and more. Follow up programs guide you towards a better you.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care

Our programs address areas of pain from the joint and soft tissue levels with the use of myofascial release, joint manipulation and joint mobilization.

Now offering COVID-19 Vaccines

Now offering COVID-19 Vaccines

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Our Wellness Programs

Our programs are designed to offer a combination of traditional allopathic medicine, along with a personalized holistic functional medicine approach. Treatment consists of one-on-one appointments with your provider, group visits, multimedia learning tracks, supplements, and lifestyle education, including a food and exercise plan. Our primary areas of focus include:

Weight & Heart Health

Gut Health

Hormone Health

Immune Health & Autoimmunity

Fitness, Wellness & Performance

Men’s Health

Stress & Adrenal Fatigue

Cognitive & Neurological Health


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