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PLMC’s groundbreaking clinical research program is designed to demonstrate how a personalized lifestyle medicine approach can impact and improve health measures through diet, nutritional supplementation, exercise, and mind-body programs. The vision for this project is that excellence of care will benefit the individual participant, with widening ripples of influence upon their workplaces, their families, their communities, and ultimately upon the way medicine is practiced in the 21st century.


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Together, we are able to find health solutions that may seem impossible. Solutions that come out of the most unexpected places. We work closely with all of our patients to make sure they understand what they are working on and how they are helping their generation and generations to come.

Research Team Members


Joseph Lamb, MD


Michael Stone, MD


Deanna Minich, PhD


Our Clinical Research Team

Metagenics is supporting a team of investigators in this research program—the LIFE_HOUSE Team (Lifestyle Intervention and Functional Evaluation—A Health Outcomes Survey), who have built a truly unique clinical-trial model. The initial data for this program is being gathered in order to make correlations among genes, the microbiome, diet, blood markers, and similar factors, with the goal of helping to make predictions for therapeutic programs.