“How are you doing?” This seemingly innocuous question gets asked on a regular basis. A common response might be “Doing great, thanks!” but to actually take inventory of how we are doing requires a deeper evaluation of our emotional health.


The Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Center (PLMC)

The Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Center (PLMC) sees emotional health as one aspect of the 5 most important elements of overall health called the 5 Functions of Health. These are based on the 5 Pillars of Health: sleep, exercise/movement, nutrition, stress management, and relationships/community. When evaluated on a holistic level, the 5 Pillars and the 5 Functions of Health consider wellness as a measure of function rather than the absence of disease.

Functions of Health

At the PLMC, we evaluate the 5 Functions of Health by using a series of tests, functional assessments, and results derived from fitness trackers to develop a baseline from which we work to create individualized health plans. We consider every aspect of health because we see people as entities made up of many complex parts. Seldom is a perceived issue as isolated as it seems.











Emotional Health

The emotional function looks at how well we respond to different stimuli and triggers. It analyzes our overall mood stability and relationship to factors often outside our control. An analysis of emotional well being explores how well we cope with difficult situations. Our feelings are intricately tied to emotional health, but it’s more than that. Emotional stability deals with relationships, interactions with others, and community.


As with all elements of health and wellness, emotional health looks different for everyone. There are many factors at play when it comes to understanding why someone reacts the a certain way they do and the impact certain situations may have on an individual’s psyche and emotional health. Our goal as holistic healthcare practitioners is to support the emotional needs of our clients through functional means. Below are some of the areas we evaluate for emotional health:

  • Community connection
  • Empathy
  • Mood level
  • Stress reaction
Physical Health

Why Emotional Health Matters

Everyone has an off day now and then, feeling sad, upset, or just not like him- or herself. That is normal and nothing to be ashamed of. How you handle these feelings and your ability to cope with the challenges that come your way are indications of emotional fitness. Our goal at the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Center is to help you strengthen your emotional health. The PLMC wants our patients to experience wellness across every aspect of life. Emotional health is a critical component of overall well being. How we speak to ourselves, interact with others, and experience the world around us on an emotional level can directly impact us as it pertains to physical, cognitive, physiological, and behavioral health. Work with us to see actual change, improvement, and results in your function of life by working on your emotional health.

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