Health Measured by 5 Core Functions

Health is more than just the absence of disease and is measurable. It is something we can improve and here at the PLMC we believe that function is the best proxy for health and has been overlooked by our broken healthcare system. Through partnership and education you can learn new skills that truly can make a difference and improve function in your life.








Your Functional Assessments

Your initial visit to the PLMC provides a comprehensive picture of your health based upon our 5 Functions of Health categories: Physical, Cognitive, Emotional, Metabolic and Behavioral. From our onsite advanced blood testing lab and real-time body composition analysis to cognition and emotional testing, you’ll leave our center with a greater understanding of the current state of your health.


Our Science

Data and analytics power our 5 Functions of Health program. Leveraging best-in-class validated medical tests and functional assessments and our health questionnaire engine, our proprietary algorithm generates your personalized health score. Next, we overlay your genetic profile data to identify opportunities to optimize your health, unlocking the secrets to a better, more balanced you.


Your Plan

You are unique. Your motivators and health goals are personal. So once we’ve established your 5 Functions of Health baseline, we tailor your plan to improve your overall health using programs that suit your personality and lifestyle. Changing behavior is hard and that is why we assign a Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Therapist to help you on your path. Coupled with activities and tasks that can be measured and rewarded, you’ll find the motivation you need to get the results you want.

  • Functional Assessment
  • Our Science
  • Your Plan