Judy Butler, CNC

Judy Butler, CNC, HC, joined the PLMC in 2020. For the past eight years, Judy has worked alongside medical professionals in Functional and integrative medicine. Judy helps patients improve their clinical biomarkers with nutrition, lifestyle habits, and physical activity goals.

Judy finds her passion in getting to know each patient and their personal history to understand better where the patient is coming from and where they want to be. From her clinical experience, there is no “one size fits all” approach.

Instead, Judy helps patients get to the root cause of their health problems by educating them about types of stress caused by certain foods, sleep hygiene, stress management, physical activity, and personal relationships. Together, realistic applicable goals are set during each visit, based on current bio-individual needs.

BA in English Literature at CSULB in 2004, Certified Nutrition Consultant and Herbalist from Natural Healing Institute in 2015, Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2018

The education that food is the ultimate medicine and showing HOW to simplify it while living with modern day stressors.

Playing with my daughter at the beach or walking back bay trails, taking weekend roadtrips, yoga studio, the farmers market, and my garden

Two cats, six chickens

While living overseas, I was exposed to a completely different way of living and how in the modern world we over complicate things. I was captivated with how we only lived off natural resources, went to the market everyday to cook with whole foods, fresh meats and pasture raised eggs, being with family and eating together 3x/day, rising and setting with the sun and taking mid-day siestas all proved to me how I was in the best health of my life, yet I lived in the sticks of a third world country. It was truly eye opening and life changing.

Since returning home 10 years ago, I have found it to be a passion of mine to shed perspective on how we have been conditioned to believe that this fast paced modern day lifestyle is normal, when in reality it is anything but normal. And educating how stress really is the ultimate root cause to dis-ease. I love learning about each person, helping them to identify their stressors, get out of the para-sympathetic loop their nervous system lives in, and begin the process of unlocking the body's innate intelligence to heal itself.

Being a witness to how people can change and heal themselves

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