Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Center by Metagenics

The mission of PLMC is to design the healthcare model of the future. Our model revisits the concept of “health” to be more in alignment with a wellness practice, as opposed to the traditional model of primarily treating sickness. Our approach is based on a personalized functional medicine model and is designed to include traditional allopathic medicine, with a customized program for each patient, to include one-to-one visits, group visits, multimedia learning, and lifestyle education. Through this approach, alongside a unique clinical research model, we hope to redefine how healthcare is being practiced across the world.



Meet the Team


Erik Lundquist, MD

Medical Doctor

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Judy Butler, CNC

Certified Nutritional Consultant

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Meet Our Staff


Julianne Sherwin, MA

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DeAnn Greenwalt

Clinical Manager

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Maria Gayon, CNA, CMA

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Our Process

A small investment of time for a lifetime of improved health, wellness, and performance. Relax, make some tea. Our online process is simple, easy, and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Let’s get started on improving your health.


Questionnaires, Surveys, & Detailed Health History

Invest 45 minutes to equip your practitioner with your personal health history and wellness goals, plus any recent exciting or challenging lifestyle changes. This simple step helps us personalize your program - and that makes the difference between good care and great care.

Pre Visit

45 Minutes – Please complete in a single session.

Intake Form: 20 Minutes

Basic personal information, plus health & wellness goals.

Health Symptoms Questionnaire: 10 Minutes

Identifies symptoms related to several health categories such as stress, inflammation, and blood sugar management

Family History: 5 Minutes

Provides family and childhood history, and related illnesses.

Social History: 5 Minutes

Provides an overview of family and social relationships, areas of stress in your life, and your preferred leisure activities.

DASS Questionnaire: 5 Minutes

A set of three scales designed to measure depression, anxiety, and stress.

First Visit

Approximately 90 minutes


Meditation Practice: 3 minutes

This short meditation practice helps to reset your attitude and bring your body functions, such as respiratory and heart rate, back to baseline for more accurate and normalized functional assessment testing.

Vitals Assessment: 5 minutes

Clinical measurements that indicate the state of your essential body functions.

On-Site Blood Testing: 10 minutes

Located within the PLMC is an advanced blood-testing lab. During your visit, your blood is drawn and analyzed, and you are presented with your results.

Cognitive Function: 15 minutes

These functional assessments measure the metal processes involved in gaining knowledge and comprehension. It includes processes such as thinking, knowing, remembering, judging, and problem solving. These higher level functions of the brain encompass language, imagination, perception, and the planning and execution of complex behaviors.

Nutritional Physical Exam: 5 minute

Regularly documenting the visual condition of your body can help identify improved or declining health.

Personal and Family History Review: 8 minutes

Review, add, and update personal and family medical history.

Body Composition: 6 minutes

Our innovative technology quickly and accurately measures the percentages of fat, bone, water and muscle in your body. Because muscular tissue takes up less space in the body than fat tissue, body composition, as well as weight, determines leanness.

Motor Function: 13 minutes

Motor function involves complex physiological processes and requires the integration of multiple systems, including neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, and neural motor and sensory perceptual systems.

Practitioner Consultation: 25 minutes

Your practitioner will review your appearance for signs of existing or potential medical conditions. The practitioner will check the parts of your body that may visually indicate existing health issues.

Preparing For Your Visit

How should you prepare for your visit to PLMC? We will give you details on getting to the center the day before your appointment. Here are some other things to take into consideration:


Some assessments require standing, movement, and bare feet. Please wear movement-comfortable clothing and footwear that is easily removed.


Your blood must be drawn in a fasted state – no food intake 12 hours prior to your appointment. Water, black coffee, or plain tea are permitted.

Blood Tests

We will make up to two attempts to locate a viable vein to draw blood for your tests. However, lack of vein access will require a follow-up visit to an outside lab. To mitigate this risk, please drink plenty of water prior to your visit and arrive in a hydrated state.