5 Pillars of Health: Stress Management

A healthy body and mind is are about so much more than eating your fruits and veggies and getting a workout in. Achieving functional health requires addressing the 5 Pillars of Health: sleep, exercise & movement, nutrition, stress management, and relationships & community. When they work in tandem, these pillars can be the fundamentals to a strong body and a sound mind.


Stress is a part of life that we all deal with on an almost daily basis. Contrary to popular belief, not all stress is bad! In fact, some stressors can actually be beneficial for keeping us safe and alert. Excess stress, however, can have the opposite effect.


How Stress Affects Health

It’s no secret that we live in a stressful world. How we interact with the stressors that come into our life can make all the difference in our performance both physically and mentally. A little bit of stress can be useful for increasing alertness and motivation. In some cases, moderate stress can even stimulate brain cells to help improve memory.

There comes a point, however, where stress can become harmful. Too much stress may contribute to health problems including high blood pressure, heart disease, weight problems, skin conditions, anxiety, depression, and many other conditions.


What Is The Goal Of Stress Management?

The goal of stress management is to improve stress resilience. In other words, use the good stress for inspiration and motivation and reduce the bad stress that leads to distress, anxiety, and exhaustion. Stress management teaches us to use stress effectively and efficiently to our benefit. This requires taking an inventory of the stressors in your life and identifying how you respond to them. From there, you’ll be better equipped to analyze what is causing you stress, how it is impacting your life, and what you can do to reduce or eliminate it.


Stress Management Techniques

There are many forms of stress management techniques, all of which work differently based on an individual’s lifestyle and preferences. Some people find exercise and movement to be helpful for stress management, whereas others find more relief through forms of relaxation and meditation. The great thing about the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Center (PLMC) is that we take an individualized approach to every patient when working with them on stress management.

Physical Health

The PLMC Approach to Stress Management

Through a series of questionnaires, in-office point of care testing, functional assessments, and results from fitness trackers, we gather valuable data that helps us establish a baseline from which we work to optimize one’s health moving forward. We see health as all-encompassing, which means we recognize the important role stress plays in it.

Our mission is to help patients see actual change, results, and improvement in their overall function of life. Find out how to improve your stress management abilities when you contact us today.

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