Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Center by Metagenics

We believe that the definition of “health” should be much more than the absence of disease. As your healthcare provider, our goal is to assist you in your journey to achieve optimal wellness through healthy lifestyle choices and a personalized program consisting of a food plan, exercise program, and mind-body-spirit wellness practices, paired with the right nutritional supplements, medical foods and medications.

We specialize in

Weight & Heart Health

Gut Health

Hormone Health

Immune Health & Autoimmunity

Fitness, Wellness & Performance

Men’s Health

Stress Management

Cognitive & Neurological Health


Our Approach

At the PLMC, our mission is to revolutionize health care. We'd love to speak with you about our personalized approach to functional medicine.



We are proud to be one of the few personalized functional medicine practices in the country to accept most major insurance and PPO plans.

Our Team

Our Team

Our highly qualified team of health care providers, nutritionists, and office staff is dedicated to your personal health and wellness.


Clinical Research

The PLMC conducts clinical research. Check with our team to participate in an upcoming trial.


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